Primary Curriculum


AGS Salalah aims to provide a high quality British style primary education and adapted to meet the varied needs of our international school community. The curriculum is designed to encourage individuals to reach their full potential and inspires them to create their own future.

We develop a sense of pride and belonging to nurture all members of our community so that they feel valued and prepared to meet the challenges of the ever-changing world. Our Prep curriculum is delivered so pupils are engaged with and motivated about their learning.

Termly topics are used to influence learning in other subjects and link to real life as much as possible. Discrete subject lessons are taught where appropriate. Individual class teachers are given the opportunity to deliver activities in their specialism or areas of personal interest e.g. Specialist sports, music and theatre. We have specialist teachers for Islamic Education, Arabic, Music, ICT, Theatre Drama, Art and Physical Education. Learning Support and academic extension is organised through our "Personalised Learning Pathway".

Core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science will be covered through the Cambridge International Curriculum (Science in Grade 5 moves into discreet subjects - Physics, Biology and Chemistry). The foundation subjects are covered through either the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) or the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC). We also covers Arabic Language Learning and Islamic Education for Muslim students which follows Ministry of Education curriculum.


Lower Primary

This consists of Grades 3 4 and spans the ages of 7 – 9 years of age. Learning environments are spacious and enhanced by interactive displays that celebrate the children’s work across all curriculum areas. Every classroom and specialist room has an interactive whiteboard that is used by both teachers and children to extend learning opportunities. The curriculum offers opportunities to develop skills that are transferable and broad. The curriculum is enriched by specialist teaching in certain subjects for example drama, music, PE, ICT and Arabic.

Emphasis is placed on teaching skills and concepts that challenge children at all levels. Opportunities to enhance first hand experiences are embraced and educational visits are planned to extend learning opportunities. GL assessments in English Mathematics and Science are carried out at the end of each year, benchmarking our students with the best international schools worldwide.


Upper Primary

This consists of Grades 5-8 and spans the ages of 9-13 years of age. Our students study a similar range of subjects to those undertaken in Lower Prep. They learn to greater depths, including how to apply their skills and knowledge appropriately. This adds to their understanding of the skill requirements of each of the subjects that are on offer in the Senior School. By the time the students choose their IGCSE options in Grade 9, they are in an excellent position to make informed choices based on their own experience.

Cambridge examinations are taken at the end of Grade 6 and also at the end of Grade 8. GL assessments in English Mathematics and Science are carried out at the end of each year, benchmarking our students with the best international schools worldwide.


Arabic Classes

Learning a language is a process that requires considerable time and practice; however it is one of the most rewarding things your child can learn in school. The Arabic language classes at AGS SALALAH are divided into two sections: Arabic for native Arab speakers (Arabic A) Arabic for non-native speakers (Arabic B) The curriculum for Arabic A follows the Oman Ministry of Education requirements and is enhanced by a range of resources and activities that promote active and purposeful learning. Children are also encouraged to borrow Arabic books from the school library to ensure that they extend their appreciation of Arabic literature.


Islamic Education

Islamic Education is a compulsory subject for Muslim students. It is taught in Arabic for Native Arabic speakers and in English for those students who do not speak Arabic as their first language but require Islamic education. The Islamic Department follows the Ministry of Education curriculum. Learning Islamic concepts are combined with practical learning at AGS SALALAH and related to real life examples were possible. Our enthusiastic and dedicated teachers explain prescribed Islamic topics that include Hadiths, Aqidah(Faith), and Akhlaq(Manners), Islamic History, Islamic Social Studies together with the appropriate Surahs from the Noble Qur’an. Our Islamic Education programme is also enhanced by extra Qu’ran recitation and memorisation. We believe that an educational partnership between school and home is vital and we strive to ensure that progress and attainment are shared with both students and their parents.


All children will belong to a "Line" which is similar to a House system. Our "Lines" are -
The line system will be used to promote the school code of conduct and fosters a sense of shared responsibility between the children thus promoting teamwork. Through inter-line competitions, hard work within the classroom, and good manners the children will have the opportunity to gain points for their "Line". The points are totalled at the end of term and star pupils are presented with certificates. At the end of the year, the winning "Line" receives the Interline Cup.


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